Here are a few oral communications in which Dr Hélène Arnal participated

Lecture and workshop at the European Young Dentist Forum congress in Vienna, Austria in November 2021

Chirurgie en direct au congrès d'Osteology

Chirurgie avec retransmission en direct au congrès d’Osteology

2nd Symphosium national ZIMMER BIOMET Paris March 2019

Symphosium national Osteology Paris October 2018

ADF annual congress nov 2017

Symphosium Zimmer Biomet sept 2017


Here is a non exhaustive list of Dr Hélène Arnal’s scientific publications some of which she is the author and others to which she collaborated.

Clinic Juin 2021

Titane Vol. 13 N°2 (Juin 2016)

Titane Vol. 11 N°2 (Septembre 2014)

Clinic vol 36 (2015)

Réalité Clinique Vol 20 Mars 2009

Implant Vol 17 2011

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