Pre-operative Advice

An oral surgery procedure requires certain preoperative precautions to ensure rapid healing and avoid complications.


  • Do not take aspirin-based medication during the week preceding the procedure unless the prescription is medical and related to a cardiovascular pathology;

  • Do not forget to take the prescribed medication;

  • Do not come on an empty stomach and prepare an energetic meal with a soft consistency for after the procedure;
  • Do not plan any intense physical or professional activity for 24 hours after the procedure.

It is not recommended to consume alcoholic drinks after the procedure while on medication.
If you have a fever while a procedure is scheduled, please call the office.
It is normal to feel a little anxious before surgery, if this is the case, we can offer you appropriate treatment, so please discuss it with us. This implies that you cannot drive and must be accompanied by someone else.

On the day of the operation you should:

  • Wear something comfortable,
  • Shave and avoid putting on any makeup
  • You’ll be covered with sterile surgical drapes.

  • During the operation you must avoid moving and mustn’t pass your hands over the sterile drapes.

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